Memorable Experiences

In today’s job market, employee engagement and retention are perhaps the biggest challenges you’ll face. One vital way to keep your employees motivated is by organizing team events and activities often. But does it still count if the attendance is low and the engagement is almost non-existent? Our Memorable Experiences are team activities, incentives, and events, that keep not only employees motivated, but also reward and inspire board members and stakeholders.


The secret to having high attendance rate and engagement rate at company team buildings and events is to offer experiences they would not be able to have in their free time. Here’s our selection of Premium Activities that are promised to create Memorable Experiences.

Truffle Hunting
Looking for something truly special? How about a Culinary Truffle Hunting experience, curated by a professional truffle hunter. Not far away from Sibiu, there is a Transylvanian Village, surrounded by a beautiful forest that hosts a huge variety of wildlife and delicious produce. Spend the day under the canopy of threes, follow the dogs into the wilderness and look for that “Black Transylvanian Gold”. At the end of the hunt, enjoy a delicious risotto cooked over an open fire, in the middle of nature.

Golf Contest
Build strong teams with a Golf Team Building Event. You don’t have to be a professional golfer to have fun. The focus is not individual success, but rather team unity and adaptability. This activity is a good opportunity to unleash each individual’s creativity and discover hidden talents. In this way, golf becomes more than just a leisure game. It becomes a vehicle that drives a dynamic process of learning and growing, all leading to accomplishing a shared goal.

Kidult Activities
‘Research shows that being playful makes us happier, more open-minded, gets the creative juices flowing, and helps us bond together. Humans are hardwired to play, and this doesn’t stop in childhood. The good part is, you are never too old to have fun like a kid again. Choose from a variety of games, such as escape rooms, outdoor games, indoor wall-climbing, and more.

Horseback Riding
This activity is meant to help your team relax, unwind, and see things from a new and fresh perspective. Allow them to better focus spending a day disconnected from the usual urban activities. Leave the office walls and enjoy the wonderful therapeutic benefits of interacting with a horse.


Is your team stuck in a creative slowdown? Do they suffer from the usual “coder’s block”? Or are they just out of sync? Taking your team outside their normal surroundings and putting them into a new environment will force them to think outside the box. Especially when there are creative activities involved, such as painting therapy.

Meet a local personality
What does your company stand for? What are its core values? Words on a poster or in a company motto don’t mean as much as actually communicating them through a company event. Does your company value creativity and innovation? We’ll book a local artist to host an inspirational seminar. Does your company value ownership and responsibility? Let them hear a motivating seminar from a local activist or writer.

Art Therapy
These types of classes are not mean to create flawless art or to compete in skillfulness. These classes are a pure form of self-care, meant to relieve stress, boost morale, and increase creativity. Workshops such as painting and pottery are techniques proven to help people get into that flow state we all need in order to fulfill great work.


Corporate Parties and Events are a great opportunity to reinvigorate employees and remind them of the reasons why they chose to work for your company. They boost company morale and enable everyone to socialize outside their department. That is if planned right. Here’s where we come to help.

Events and Live Bands
Planning a big event or corporate party can be stressful. Our expertise and trusted network of suppliers enables us to impeccably deliver events and negotiate the best rates. We’ll find the venue, hire talent, book a caterer, handle logistics, and make sure everything is tailored to your company’s needs and wished. If you successfully want to bring an event to life, we can hire a live band or various types of entertainment.

Branded Disco Party
Nothing gets people more nostalgic and chatty like a 90s Party. We’ll help you throw a party your employees will long remember. Not only will people be dancing their feet off, but they will also break the ice with people from other departments, by sharing intimate memories and reminiscing on how things were back then.


Avoid the usual
Book the unusual.

People’s feelings and behaviors are greatly influenced by their surroundings. Booking unusual venues can ignite your guests’ creativity and get them more involved in the overall dynamic of the event. Add that extra touch of surprise and magic to your events and activities, by hosting them in unusual locations. Imagine hosting your next product launch or awards ceremony in a Renaissance Castle. Or your next team building in a Fortified Church. Amongst some venues we booked for previous events we hosted are “Bethlen-Haller” Castle at Jidvei, ASTRA National Museum Complex Rooftop, and Fortified Churches in Sibiu County.

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