Look-and-See Tours

Hiring talent from abroad? Sometimes employees don’t say “No” to your job offer. They just aren’t sure if they want to say “Yes” to the city. In a city as beautiful as Sibiu, this could happen only due to misinformation or a badly planned tour. Count on us to get an excited “Yes” from your prospect. The purpose of our Look-and-See Tours is for the individual or family to see, feel and experience life in Sibiu City.

Overview of Sibiu, Transylvania 3

Our consultant will be working together with your company’s HR department to discuss the personal needs and wishes of your candidate. The tour will address the following points of interest:

Familiarization Tour
An introductory to the highlights of Sibiu City and its nearest surroundings. The tour will provide a general insight into the culture and lifestyle of Sibiu City, including visits to banks, restaurants, supermarkets, malls, theaters, museums,  sports centers, and spas. We’ll also take a tour of the neighborhood your potential employee will move into.

Social Life and Activities
Sibiu is quite diverse when it comes to leisure time activities. It’s got something for everyone’s taste. We will introduce your candidate to the vibrant life in The Old Town, the arts and crafts scene, as well as the diverse surroundings of Sibiu, which offer the possibility of skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Schools and family Life
Sibiu is definitely a city where kids can thrive: clean air, green spaces, quality schools and kindergartens, cultural diversity, awareness, and many more. If your candidate is planning on moving with his family, this tour special tour will focus on visiting schools and child-friendly places.

Did your candidate already accept the job? You can still book the Look-and-See Tour, to make sure your expat will accommodate more successfully, making it easier to be productive at work and form bonds with coworkers.