*Winter Special: Ice Hotel Bâlea*

From Sibiu, you can take a day trip to Balea Lake, where you will find during the winter the famous Ice Hotel, which you can visit or even spend the night there.

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The road that leads to the hotel offers wonderful scenery. To get to the hotel, we will also take a gondola that will lift us at 2,000 m above sea level, where we will also find an ice church, an ice restaurant, and an ice bar which of course we cannot miss.

Did you ever have the occasion to spend a night inside an ice hotel? Even if it sounds incredible, this is possible at Bâlea Lake. Each year the hotel is built from scratch with materials that are found in nature, huge ice cubes taken directly from the Bâlea glacial lake. There are 12 rooms where everything is made of ice, including the bed. For the overnight stay, you will receive a mattress and comfortable bedding. This experience is available during the entire winter season and is a real highlight for mountain and adventure lovers.

Included services:
• An overnight stay at the Ice hotel with breakfast
• Transfer Sibiu – Ice hotel – Sibiu
• Cable car ticket


Starting from € 169/ person


Minimum number of participants: 2 persons

For groups of more than 8 people, the price will be set per group.


1 night


From 20 Decembre until 15 April

Contact us by phone: +40 720 901 091
Send us an email: office@sibiureisen.ro

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