Cultural Experiences

These tours are specially designed for out-of-town stakeholders and employees, who are in town for a short business trip. Each tour is designed to make guests fall in love with the city, and eagerly wait for their next business trip here. The tours are focused on providing a rich and entertaining insight into the history and culture of Sibiu, through CITY TOURS and ACTIVE EXPLORATION.


Sibiu - piata mare


Love at first Sightseeing
New to Sibiu? This tour is the perfect introduction to this charming 800-year-old city. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with Sibiu by the end of this tour.

Business Tour
The city center might be old, but the rest of our city is new and evolving. Discover the emerging business scene of Sibiu.

Communism and Revolution Tour
Both informative and daunting, this tour is a must for all curious travelers who want to hear about a darker past our now charming and colorful Sibiu.

Electric Scooter Tour
Sightseeing while riding an electric scooter is way more fun! See Sibiu’s highlights and relax at the same time.

Sibiu by bike
Feel the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face, while roaming the vibrant streets of Sibiu.



City Quiz
Here’s something for those who love a challenge! Divide into teams and go on an interactive sightseeing exploration tour of Sibiu City. This activity is great for out-of-town employees and partners, who want to explore the city but also form new bonds and break the ice.

Treasure Hunt
Time for some adrenaline and dopamine! Build teams, form bonds, compete and put employees skills to the test. The whole treasure hunt is divided into small and interactive tasks, meant to stimulate competition and increase dopamine.

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