Culinary Delights

Tired of the same old pizza evening at the office? Running out of quality restaurants for important business dinners? Our Culinary Delights are events and dinners, meant to CONNECT, IMPRESS, and ENTERTAIN your employees and stakeholders.

Harvesting season traditional Romanian food plate with cheese, bread, sausages, onions and red wine in glass in vineyards

Invest your budget into something that will get your employees excited, weeks in advance. Enjoy delicious dishes outside the office, better yet, outside the city!

Outdoor Brunch
Everybody loves a good brunch. But an outdoor brunch, hosted in a historic location, made with local, flavorful ingredients, is something you don’t see every day.

Wine Pairing Dinner
Great wine makes every meal special. Now imagine how great of a meal it would be if you knew the key to great wine pairing? This sublime experience is guaranteed to make a memorable night, for employees and stakeholders.

Sheepfold Dinner and Bonfire
An idyllic scenario that will stay in the hearts of your employees forever. Real, fresh cheese tasting at a sheepfold, followed by an evening bonfire that will bring colleagues together and ignite storytelling.


Everybody knows most deals are closed while enjoying a good wine during a fulfilling meal. Dining with clients is an important part of the relationship-building process. Truth is, anyone can pick up a check; and if your job implies entertaining clients, you probably have. The challenging part is transforming a fancy meal into an interaction that matters.

Farm to Table
When it comes to awareness, responsibility, and sustainability, Sibiu is at the forefront of Romania’s gastronomical scene. This is one of the many reasons Sibiu proudly holds the title “European Region of Gastronomy 2019”. Not only do farm-to-table dishes look and taste better, but they also have a powerful message behind. Hosting your next business lunch in a restaurant with farm-to-table dishes is a very good way to let your client know you value and respect business sustainability and efficient resource management,

Live Cooking Show
Spice up your business dinner with a live cooking show, making your guests feel exclusive and special. Our live cooking shows are meant to combine entertainment with a delight for the senses. Your guests will be guided through the creative preparation process, showing all intermediate stages of cooking, and tasting the results right away.



New team? Successful product launch? Productive business meeting? Treat your employees and business partners to a fun and entertaining evening, unlike anything they experienced before. Small get-togethers and ceremonies can be very effective in validating the people you work with. Break the ice over great drinks, celebrate achievements and plan for future ones.

Cooking Class
A team that cooks together, performs together. Skill development, team cohesion, and creativity are just some many benefits on the menu.

Mixology Workshop
Everyone enjoys a fine cocktail with perfectly balanced ingredients and a sublime aftertaste. But what makes a great cocktail? Treat your team or clients to a Mixology Workshop, where they’ll learn the fascinating science behind the perfect cocktail.

Beer Tasting Session
This is the type of event no one wants to skip! Celebrate the accomplishments of your team or business partners in a vibrant and relaxing atmosphere, while tasting locally brewed craft beer. This event is also perfectly suited for new teams who are looking forward to breaking the ice and get to know each other.

Wine Tasting Masterclass
Bring your team together by enjoying & learning about fine wines, hosted by a professional sommelier. This type of event is guaranteed to spark  conversations and increase social bonds.

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