General Terms and Conditions

A. The contract between user and Sibiu Reisen

Welcome to Please read these general terms and conditions carefully before using the website. The website is the website of Sibiu Reisen SRL, headquartered in Romania, St. Vasile Milea, Bl.11A, Ap.7, postcode 550325 in Sibiu, registration number J32 / 1599/2007, tax number RO 224549340, issued by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism is licensed – license number 4705 / 10/30/2012. Please note that our postal address is the main address and that you must send the post to this address.

B. Acceptance of the general terms and conditions

Please read carefully all sections that are under General Terms and Conditions before using our website. When you use our website, it means that you agree to all of these terms and conditions. Booking our products and travel services on this website with the help of our employees also means that you agree to all of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions, please do not use this website and do not book products and travel services through our staff.

We reserve the right to change the content of the website at any time and without prior notice. Continuing access and use of this website is considered acceptance of the additions to the terms and conditions.

C.Sibiu travel services

Sibiu Reisen offers you travel services and travel offers in Romania. The website gives you the opportunity to search, book and pay for reservations using an online payment system.

D.Sibiu Reisen is considered a dealer

Sibiu Reisen is a dealer for third parties such as: airlines, hotels, car rental companies and others (travel services). Sibiu Reisen assumes no responsibility for the services or products provided by the travel services and in no way guarantees (clearly or indistinctly) the accuracy or quality of the services presented on this website.

E. Use of the website

You can use this website under the following conditions:

– You are financially responsible for all transfers made through your account or under your own name;

– You are at least 18 years old and authorized to take legal acts;

– You guarantee the accuracy of personal information or information about your family members;

– You use this website for your non-commercial self-interest (which is always personal and not offensive);

– You use the website to get information and to check the availability and compatibility of our products and services;

– You use the website with the exact aim to buy our products and services;

– You use the website to check and access information about your trip and / or reservation details, or to contact Sibiu Reisen to change / check the above information;

– You use the website to publish your opinions, reviews and comments about Sibiu Travel products and services;

You agree that you will not use this website for the following purposes:

– to use or remove those materials or information on this website for commercial or illegal purposes. In particular, you are prohibited from copying any material on this website (neither printing it nor storing it in any way), releasing it (including the distribution of the copies), making changes or falsifying it;

– make an incorrect, illegal or speculative reservation;

Prohibition of access to the website:

Sibiu Reisen reserves its rights to prohibit access to the website without prior notice.

F. Reservation conditions

Any reservation made through the website will be perceived as your intention to purchase a product or service. If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from Sibiu Reisen and the contract will come into effect. All services published on the website relate to the availability of the service providers. The terms and conditions of the service providers (including the transport rules that are determined by airlines) are determined in addition to the terms and conditions of the website. The terms and conditions of the service providers can refer to provisions regarding various payment methods, obligations, cancellations, changes to reservations and, if necessary, returns or other restrictions.

All reservations are subject to availability. Sibiu Reisen is obliged to notify the user in writing of the confirmation or cancellation within 48 hours of receiving the reservation. If payment has not been made on time, Sibiu Reisen reserves the right to cancel the reservation. Sibiu Reisen reserves the right to change the travel conditions if this change does not affect the promised standards of the trip. Sibiu Reisen will notify the user in writing and wait for the user’s consent before the journey begins. After payment of the full value, Sibiu Reisen will send the user the receipt and all travel documents within a maximum of 48 hours.

G. Terms of payment

Sibiu Reisen should be paid at least 50% of the total amount for the reservation seven days after receipt of the written confirmation. The difference of 50% must be paid at least 25 days before the start of the trip. If Sibiu Reisen has not received the agreed amount from the user, then the user cannot use the travel services.

All prices and charges may change as a result of changes in transportation costs, including fuel costs, fees or taxes, that have to be paid for services such as boarding, landing, debarking or other changes in exchange rates.

Payments can be made using the main credit cards, which are recognized and described in detail on the website.

Sibiu Reisen reserves the right to collect additional taxes or fees that may appear when making the reservation using credit cards. In this case you will be informed of all remuneration. Sibiu Reisen reserves the right to transfer the costs incurred by the return debit fine.

If your reservation is paid for with another person’s credit card, we reserve the right to ask that person for written confirmation. If the issuer of your credit card so requests, Sibiu Travel or the travel service provider reserves the right to send the tickets, vouchers or other travel documents to the address you provided when the credit card was issued. The wrong information about this address can mean the cancellation of the reservation or the delay in the delivery of the travel documents and can also result in the price increase. Please be sure that the address on the bank statement is the same as the address you have given on this website.

To avoid the after-effects of credit card fraud, we reserve the right to randomly verify the availability of the travel documents before we create the travel documents, and to provide proof of address, a copy of the credit card and a new account statement will ask.

H. Cancellation and rebooking

If you want to cancel or change the booked or purchased service (and the travel service provider allows it), you are obliged to inform Sibiu Reisen about your intentions in writing or by telephone. However, there are cases where you are unable to cancel or change some travel services. You have to meet a few requirements to have this option. Sibiu Reisen or the service provider accepts all forms of written claims. Sibiu Reisen or the supplier of the services cannot change or cancel the travel service before it receives your firm consent. If the user cancels the travel services that are the subject of the contract, he must pay Sibiu Reisen the following fine:

a. 25% of the value of the travel offer if the cancellation occurs 25 to 30 days before departure;

b. 50% of the value of the travel offer if the cancellation occurs 16 to 25 days before departure;

c. 100% of the value of the travel offer if the cancellation occurs less than 16 days before departure or in the event of non-participation in the determined program;

I. The responsibility of Sibiu Reisen

Sibiu Reisen is not responsible for the indirect losses resulting from the provisions of this contract, the incorrect use of the website or the services reserved and purchased on the website. Sibiu Travel is only responsible for direct losses, the value of which does not outweigh the value of the services purchased (exceptional cases are deaths or personal accidents, the value of which is unlimited).

J. Force Majeure:

Sibiu Reisen assumes no responsibility in the event of force majeure. Force majeure relates indefinitely to government action, wars, kidnappings, fires, floods, accidents, thunderstorms, strikes, terrorist attacks or industrial disputes that could affect Sibiu Reisen or our company’s suppliers.

K. Right of ownership and use of the materials and information contained on this website.

The copyright, the right of ownership and the content of this website belong to Sibiu Reisen. The material on the website is the property of Sibiu Reisen or Sibiu Reisen’s partners, except in cases where these belong to other affected parties.

The name Sibiu Reisen and also the other brands or logos or other graphic elements that are on this website are trademarks of Sibiu Reisen and the partner of Sibiu Reisen. Other names, products and services on this website may also be trademarks of other interested parties.

You have no right or license to use them.

L. Changes to the website

Sibiu Reisen can change the design or content of the website, including the availability of the service providers, database and other properties of the website.

M. Confidentiality Policy

Sibiu Reisen respects the protection of your intimacy.To read the website’s policy regarding personal data, we ask you to read our confidentiality policy (link).

N. Changes to the terms and conditions

Sibiu Reisen reserves the right to change or update the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. The current version of the terms and conditions will be uploaded to the website on the effective date. Continuing access to this website after the announcement of these changes is considered an acceptance of these changes.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions apply as a contract between the user and Sibiu Reisen and are governed by the applicable law in Romania.



for the sale of tourist offers

The parties:

SC Sibiu Reisen SRL based in Sibiu, Piata Schiller nr. 4, tax number RO 224549340, registered at the commercial register court in Sibiu with the number J32 / 1599/2007, with the travel agency approval No. 4705, represented by Mr. Martin Mihai Ionut, as managing director, the travel agency is referred to in the following present contract,

and the tourist / the representative of the tourist.

I. The aim of the contract

The travel agency sells tourist services through vouchers or travel tickets and the release of travel documents.

The travel agency is obliged to request the tourist in writing by fax or e-mail, a reservation form (in the case of services that are not part of the travel agency’s offer and which require a confirmation of reservation from other service providers) ,

II. The price

The price is also set within the invoice and includes the cost of the exact tourist services, travel agent fee and VAT. The prepayment contains at least 50% of the total amount. The remaining amount will be paid at least 25 days before the trip begins. If Sibiu Reisen has not received the requested amount from the tourist, the tourist cannot use the services. Payment for services under the contract is made in euros.

III. Rights and obligations of the travel agency

1. If the travel agency is to change one of the essential provisions of the contract, the travel agency is obliged to notify the tourist at least 15 days before the start of the trip.

2. The travel agency may change (increase or decrease) the price of the contract only if the change is a result of variations in transport costs, license fees, landing fees for airports or ports, tourist fees or the exchange rate for the services offered.

3. If, after the start of the trip, the travel agency is unable to perform a significant part of the contract, the travel agency is obliged to:

3.1 offer the tourist appropriate options to continue the journey without increasing the price or reducing the quality / quantity of services;

3.2 to repay to the tourist the amounts which include the difference between the paid services and the services provided during the trip;

3.3 If there are no corresponding options for the tourist, or if the tourist rejects the proposed options, the travel agency is obliged to offer the tourist the return trip or compensation for the services not performed at no additional cost ,

4. The travel agency is responsible for the corresponding implementation of the obligations determined in the context of the contract with the following exceptions:

4.1 if the non-performance or the damaged performance falls under the responsibility of the tourist;

4.2 if the non-fulfillment arises due to force majeure or other conditions that neither the travel agency nor the service providers can foresee or avoid (changes in the schedule, changes in the route, delays in the means of transport, etc.)

5. The travel agency is obliged to send the tourist the following information in writing 2 days before the start of the trip:

5.1 The timetables, connecting flights or the reserved space in the means of transport determined under the contract (except the plane);

5.2 the name, location / address, telephone and fax number of the local organizer / retailer, or an emergency number which can be used to contact the organizer / retailer;

5.3 for unaccompanied minors: information which enables parents to contact the children or the person responsible directly.

IV. Rights and obligations of the tourist

1. If the tourist cannot take part in the trip, it is also possible to transfer the contract to a third party who fulfills all the requirements of the purchased offer. The tourist must notify the travel agency in writing at least 10 days before the start of the trip. For the individual trip that the aircraft has as a means of transport, the assignment can only take place if there is the possibility of transferring the seat in the aircraft. The tourist and the third party are solely responsible for paying the travel price and any additional costs.

2. If there is an increase of more than 10% of the prices determined in the contract, the tourist has the right to terminate the contract and receive a refund of the amounts paid from the travel agency.

3.1 The tourist (s) is obliged to give the travel agency his / her decision regarding the provisions of Chap. 5 within a period of 5 calendar days. III, point 1:

3.1.1 The termination of the contract without payment of the penalties; or

3.1.2 The acceptance of the new contractual provisions;

3.2 If the tourist cancels the contract or the travel agency cancels the trip before departure, the tourist has the right:

3.2.1 another offer, proposed by the travel agency, of the same or higher quality;

3.2.2 another offer, to be proposed by the travel agency, with a lower quality and an immediate repayment of the price difference;

3.2.3 a full repayment of all amounts paid by him under the contract.

3.3 The tourist has the right to terminate the contract in whole or in part at any time; if the termination is made known to the tourist, he is obliged to compensate the travel agency for the corresponding losses, with the exception of force majeure, in accordance with the law. If the tourist requests the change of the hotel, the room or any other service, this requirement is considered as termination of the contract; the penalties applicable at that time will be applied and a new contract will be concluded.

3.4 The tourist is obliged to pay the resort fees, the cleaning fee and other local fees at the reception of the hotel without requesting the repayment of these amounts from the travel agency.

3.5 The tourist is obliged to show his identity card and travel documents at the reception of the hotel in order to benefit from the paid services.

V. Terminations, penalties, compensation

1. If the tourist provides the services identified under the contract himself, he is obliged to pay compensation and fines to the travel agency as follows:

1.1- 25% of the value of the travel offer if the cancellation occurs 25 to 30 days before departure;

1.2- 50% of the value of the travel offer if the cancellation occurs 16 to 25 days before departure;

1.3- 100% of the value of the travel offer if the cancellation occurs less than 16 days before departure or in the event of non-participation in the determined program;

2. If the tourist who has concluded a contract with the travel agency and has made an advance payment does not appear on the agreed date for the payment of the relevant quotas or the remaining amounts, the contract will be terminated. In this case, the travel agency has the right to cancel the tourist’s reservations without repaying the payments already made by the tourist.

3. If an embassy does not grant the visa, the travel agency will reimburse the tourist all fees paid to the direct service providers and the operating costs.

4. If the tourist who has crossed the borders of Romania rejects the return journey and forces the Romanian authorities to pay costs relating to the aforementioned tourist, the tourist is obliged to pay all of these costs afford to.

5. The penalties equivalent to the total value of the contract also apply if the tourist misses the arrival at the aircraft / departure point, cannot leave due to incorrect documents, or if the border police refuses to leave.

6. The tourist should send the cancellation in writing to the travel agency by email. If not, the termination will be considered invalid.

7. The travel agency will pay compensation according to the degree of non-compliance with the established provisions of the contract.

8. If the travel agency Sibiu Reisen resells the tourist services of other service providers, the penalties of the respective service providers are determined to be valid. The tourist will be informed of these penalties by fax or email.

VI. complaints

1. If the tourist is dissatisfied with the services provided, he is obliged to prepare a written complaint regarding the defects observed on site (in relation to the travel offer purchased). The aforementioned written complaint is immediately sent to the travel agency and the service provider (hotel, restaurant).

2. The travel agency and the service provider will immediately implement measures to resolve the complaint. If the complaint is not resolved or partially resolved, the tourist will send a written complaint to the travel agency within a maximum of 5 calendar days after the return. Within a maximum of 15 calendar days, the travel agency will contact the tourist with the relevant compensation.

VII. Insurance

The tourist will be reimbursed by the insurance company CITY INSURANCE SA based in Bucuresti, str. For the repayment of the travel costs and / or for the amounts paid in the event of bankruptcy or bankruptcy of the travel agency. Constantin Aricescu, No. 5-7, Parter-Demisol, Sector 1, Tel (004) 021-231.00.54, Fax 021-231.04.42 and with Police No. BN 000000179 from December 13, 2012, valid until the 12th December 2013 insured.

The tourist has the option of entering into an optional insurance or assistance contract (with any insurance company) to cover the possible transfer costs, home management costs (in the event of accidents, illnesses or deaths);

VIII. Documents

The following documents form part of the contract, as annexes to the contract:

a) the voucher / travel ticket / request form / annex to the contract, depending on the case.

b) Itinerary (for the tour groups accompanied by the guide).

IX. Final provisions

1. This contract is an agreement between the two parties

2. The present contract can also be edited remotely (by fax); the two parties agree on the justification of this contract;

3. The sale of tourist services will be in accordance with the provisions established in the context of this contract and the provisions of Government Decree No. 107/1999 regarding the sale of tourist services, with changes and additions to Law No. 631/2001, Regulation No. 516/2005 of April 12, 2005, announced in the Romanian Official Journal 1. Part No. 334 of April 20, 2005 with the other changes.

4. The contract can also be considered a catalog, brochure, etc. if the tourist has been informed and if the document contains the information required by Art. 10, Paragraph (2) of Government Regulation No. 107 / 1999, approved with amendments and additions by Law No. 631/2001, Regulation No. 516/2005 of April 12, 2005, published in the Romanian Official Journal, Part No. 334 of April 20, 2005 with the other changes.



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