Communist tour

Romania is an ex-communist country with a special story. The regime ruled by the megalomaniac dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and the secret police called “securitate” was one of the most frightening regimes in Eastern Europe.


We begin the communist tour in the Main Square, where we find also a memorial plaque for the Sibiu victims of the 1989 Revolution. A little further from the old center we will visit some buildings that were built during the communist regime. Among other things we will see the house of Nicu Ceausescu, Nicolae Ceausescu’s son, who lived there from 1987 to 1989. Today, this building serves the German consulate. Our tour guide will give you more details about daily life during the communist era, historical details about the rising of the communist regime and architectural details about the blocks of flats and houses built during that time

Included services:
•city tour with a specialized tour guide


Adults:14, - Euro/ person

Students and people with disabilities: 12€ Children (age 6-14): 10€


Minimum number of participants: 4 persons.

With more than 8 people the price will be set per group.




Throughout the year with at least 24 hours before.

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